Anissa E: January 15, 2024 

Talk about a dream venue Cloisters is absolutely stunning all year round and in all weather conditions! All night I heard about how it was the perfect venue and no one could believe such a gorgeous place existed around here and how perfect it was for our themed wedding (plenty mentioned how beautiful it is regardless of theme though). The staff is incredibly helpful and friendly such a dream to work with these lovely people! Eternally grateful such a beautiful place with such great staff exists and that I was able to get married here!

Megan A: October 10, 2023

I would recommend having a wedding here to anyone! It was beautiful and whimsical which is exactly what we wanted. We had our ceremony in the amphitheater which was stunning! There is a vendor list for the caterers but that wasn't an issue for us. We loved the vibes the castle gave for our special day and we received loads of compliments about it! Definitely look here if you're looking for something whimsical and historic!

Nicole & Adam: October 5, 2019

"We had no idea the Cloisters Castle even existed before I found it here searching for venues - the location is really convenient, but nicely secluded from the main roads so that your event can feel private and isolated from "reality." I immediately fell in love before we even toured, and when we visited in person, I just knew it was where I wanted our wedding to be. Our guests loved how unique and interesting the venue is, with its beautiful architecture, stained glass, murals, and overall atmosphere. The courtyard was beautiful and like my dream ceremony space. The team was great to work with, answering all of my questions, chatting with us when we visited again to show our moms, and helping us make the best use of our time. We LOVED that there were two separate (and very very spacious!) suites so that we could each be there, enjoying our friends and getting ready, and yet not bump into each other before ceremony time. Being able to get dressed and decompress a little bit onsite before everything began was really wonderful, and the rooms are so gorgeous it felt much more special than just being in a generic hotel room. I am just so enamored with this venue - it was perfect in every way."

Sarah & Kyle: October 19, 2018

"There is no other place like the Cloisters Castle! It is such a unique and interesting venue. As many times as we visited following booking it for our wedding, we were still finding new beautiful details that we missed the last time we were there - different patterns in the glass windows, a wishing was well hidden in greenery near the front entrance, details in the woodwork or the paintings on the walls, a hidden windmill in the back, or even new staircases we had never seen before. The staff there is small but mighty and they keep the place looking GORGEOUS through any season (our wedding was in October, but we also visited in the spring, and summer for open houses). Honestly a very reasonable price for all of the magic of the place. We barely had to decorate! It's a fairy tale castle, what more could you want?"

Jared & Shelby: November 2, 2018

"It's hard to put into words how truly incredible this venue is. From the overall first impressions of driving up through an enchanted forest that opens into an incredible view of the castle, to the tiny, intricate, medieval-style details, this place has it all. The staff here is amazing, super responsive, willing to answer any and all questions, and are extremely helpful with day-of coordination.

The venue itself is breathtaking. We decided to have ours outside in the cloisters behind the castle, despite it being on November 2nd. The staff does an amazing job taking care of the grounds so there were still flowers and green on the trees, which made it look even more magical. There are tons of rooms for people to explore and there are 3 levels so guests will never be bored during cocktail hour. There are also two suites for the wedding parties to get ready in.

We had a little over 120 people which fit perfectly outside and inside (if you're okay with splitting the guests up between two rooms, which wasn't an issue at all).

Everyone who attended kept commenting on how cool the venue was and how they had no idea something like this was close to the area. Overall incredible venue, staff, and location, and very reasonably priced. 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking for a truly unique venue."

Misty & Anthony: December 8, 2018

"Cloisters was the perfect setting for our fairytale wedding. If you have been dreaming of your perfect, princess wedding...look no further! We found Cloisters by chance just browsing the internet and I am so grateful we did. I can't imagine having gotten married anywhere but here.

If you are having a very large wedding you may want to look elsewhere. Our guest count came to around 100 and you cannot fit much more than that inside for dinner if you want everyone in one room. We got married in December 2018 so we had both our ceremony and reception inside and it was absolutely beautiful. A wonderfully intimate setting.

Annie and Sarah are amazing. Sarah was attentive, responsive, and so so kind with each and every email or phone call I sent. On the day of, the staff was amazing. I could not have worked with better people.

Your guests will rave about this venue! Ours are still talking about it weeks later... most of them even used the pictures they took that night for their Christmas cards this year.

Cloisters could not be a more perfect place!!! Unforgettable!"

Kathy Manzo: November 18, 2017

Magical, Spectacular, Enchanting! This venue is AMAZING. The guests went crazy taking photos and touring the building to check out all of its great features. The ability to have the wedding either indoors or outdoors is a great relief in case of bad weather, both the interior and the exterior of the castle are gorgeous with many unique photo ops and you will not have to decorate much, the staff are extremely friendly and accommodating, the second level has the perfect rooms for getting ready before the ceremony, the castle is so romantic in the evening your guests will rave about how beautiful, fun, and memorable this venue is! Annie and Sara are incredibly responsive, flexible, professional, and helpful in answering any questions. Highly recommend!


Michelle & Lisa: May 7, 2016

"Our wedding at The Cloisters was absolutely spectacular! Our guests couldn't stop commenting on how neat a venue it was. The location is really wonderful, and The Cloisters staff are fantastic to work with. We made several trips there for different tours or to measure things, and every time we were greeted warmly. The staff is professional and very helpful. They made sure our event ran smoothly, we didn't have to worry about a thing. Having our wedding at The Cloisters made the day even more special."